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Information & National Guidance

Hon. Jim Muhwezi
Minister of Information & National Guidance


Simon Mayende
Director / Information & National Guidance


Under Secretary / Information and National Guidance


Kambarage Kakonge
Commissioner / National Guidance



Watasa Moses
Commissioner / Information


The department is under the political leadership of Hon. Jim Muhwezi,  the Minister of Information and National Guidance, who is assisted by Director Simon Mayende.  

The mandate of Information and National Guidance is twofold:

  • To regulate the media and coordinate the dissemination of information on government programmes and activities.
  • To propagate the National Vision and mobilise the people to embrace National Values and the Common Good. 


Development of the Department

Originally called the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting in the period immediately after independence in 1962, the department has undergone many changes especially in the 1990s owing to the emerging media challenges. These changes saw liberalisation of the media and the creation of the semi autonomous Uganda Broadcasting Corporation to take over Uganda Television and Radio Uganda, the National broadcaster.

In addition to the proliferation of dozens of private FM radio stations, the Sector has also seen the development of new media technologies like the internet thus necessitating the creation of two different Ministries (i) Information and Communications Technology and (ii) Information and National Guidance; the former in charge of technology and equipment and the latter in charge of maintaining the standards of the content that is disseminated.

In 2006 Information was transferred from the Office of the President to the Office of the Prime Minister with the additional role of National Guidance. The major activities are aimed at meeting the overall vision of government;

"Transforming Ugandan society from a peasant to a modern and prosperous country within 30 Years with each household able to earn Shs20m  ($10,000) each year".


Core Activities

The department routinely implement the following activities geared towards realising its mandate.

  1. Mass utilisation through nation-wide civic education workshops and seminars for ideological development, economic transformation, promotion of patriotism, constitutionalism, good governance and multiparty democracy. The main target audiences are youth, women and student groups.
  2. Coordinating publicity for National and International events.
  3. Production of the quarterly newsletter for the OPM, ‘The Premier Executive’.
  4. Regulation of the media and enforcing laws through regulatory bodies like the Media Council.
  5. Organising and coordinating government weekly press briefings.
  6. Coordinating publicity for community dialogues (also known as the Barazas) in the sub counties.


Ongoing Initiatives and Activities
  1. Finalising the Government of Uganda Communication Strategy.
  2. Amending the Press and Journalists Act 1995 to meet the emerging media challenges.
  3. Strengthening and engaging other Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) for effective communication of government programmes. In a recent meeting with spokespersons of all government MDAs, Minister Kabakumba Masiko, proposed initiatives that are expected to enhance the flow of government information to the public. She urged the MDAs to utilize the Media Centre, which is a platform for Government to disseminate information. The Minister also challenged the spokespersons to emulate the private sector where dissemination of information is always done in an effective and timely manner.